4 tips for online presentations

1.Pre-talk prep work

You know your content better than anyone. Make sure that your slide deck or notes you’ll be using if you aren’t using a slide deck are easy to see AT EYE LEVEL. Some options include, using a teleprompter app on your phone, which you attach next to your computer’s camera, or even just having a document with your script that sits high on your screen next to your computer’s camera.

Beyond your content though, make sure to test your audio and video! Plug in an external mic if you can, adjust your zoom audio settings, and clean your camera!! You would be amazing how many clients I ask to please clean their computer camera, and all of a sudden it’s back to life in high definition. 

2. Consider a background

      1. If you can print a poster of your company/brand’s logo, this makes you look very good. 
      2. Sit somewhere classy if you can’t sit in front of a poster 
      3. Don’t be backlit. I’m going to say this one again for good measure. Put the lights in front of you shining on your face, NOT behind you. 

3. Authenticity 

Giving your personality to your presentation is key. Without all the cues we’re used to getting in real life, we have to highten our authenticity in our faces, voices, word choice, and credibility. 

Looking into the camera on your computer certainly doesn’t feel the same as looking into the eyes of someone in your audience, but it does feel that way for the people on the other end. Looking into the camera might feel strange for you, but it’s a gift you’re giving your audience.

4. Don’t multitask

Making sure that you’re completely focused on your presentation and your clients is crucial to the success of your talk. That being said, if you’re working from home and your kids walk in, showing your audience that you are relaxed and in control is the number one way to deal with these sorts of situations.

Keep your phone away from you while presenting, and silence any alerts that might distract you or your audience.